Why Choose Advanced Chemical Peel Training at Serendiptiy Skin with Stephanie Betts

I have been a licensed Aesthetic Instructor for almost 7, with a background of practicing aesthetics for almost 20 years. I LOVE teaching and have found it to be a passion of mine. I started out teaching at a few local schools around the valley, and I quickly learned that teaching in the school setting was not for me.

I had my own aesthetics practice, so I decided to add on Continuing Education to Aestheticians through my practice, so I could offer trainings or classes and teach in a way that is informative and fun. This has turned out to be a very effective method and has been very well received.

As an aesthetician myself, I have been to plenty of trainings for chemical peels and often noticed 2 things:

  1. Either the training is product specific, learning a specific line’s chemical peels,
  2. Or, the language being used is too technical

So I created a training which is product line neutral, and uses the everyday language that I (we) use to talk to our clients and explain how chemical peels work and affect the skin. The way that I teach this theory is strictly from science and experience. There is a scientific way in which chemicals work, just like there is a scientific way the skin should work. I break down both of these pieces and put them together for you.

This theory training covers:

  1. Client consultation
  2. Pre and post care for peels
  3. Skin conditions
  4. Acids and their different functions
  5. And much more!

This training is product neutral, no specific lines will be covered, and the training will end with a client consultation demo and chemical peel.

This training is for licensed aestheticians who want a more in depth understanding of how skin peels work in a fun and easy to understand way.

Stephanie Betts has been a licensed aesthetician, practicing medical aesthetics since 2001. She also has extensive training and experience with all skin tones and types. For a complimentary consultation to learn which treatment plan would be best for you and your skins needs call or text Stephanie at Serendipity Skin 480.332.8619.