How Do I Get Rid of the Big Pores on my Face?

So you hate the pores on your face, and how they always look big and dirty, and all you want to do is make them go away!! The bad news is… you can’t actually make a pore go away. The good news is... There are a few things you can do to minimize their appearance.

A pore is your skins way of breathing and your body is covered with them. For being so small in size, pores have huge responsibilities. It is a pores job to produce oil, produce a hair, shed dead skin cell, fight off bad bacteria and so much more. No wonder that they get gunky looking.

First things first, you cannot get rid of a pore, but what you can do is make their job easier by keeping them clean. Pores look big because oil, bacteria, and dirt get trapped inside, so you are literally seeing the gunk trapped in the pore. If you can keep oil and dirt from building up in the pore, you will be able to notice the actual pore so much less.

Exfoliating on a very regular basis, is the best way to stop the buildup in your pores. The less build up, the less noticeable your pores. Exfoliation means to remove the dead skin from the surface. Things like at home scrubs, creams, serums and pore refining treatments are great methods of exfoliation.

In addition to good home care, in office treatments such as Deep Pore Cleansing Facials are another great method of getting your pores clean. During the process, a combination of products will be applied to your skin, to soften the gunk in the pores, making them easy to extract.

Stephanie Betts has been a licensed aesthetician, practicing medical aesthetics since 2001. She also has extensive training and experience with all skin tones and types. For a complimentary consultation or to schedule your deep pore cleansing facial, call or text Stephanie at Serendipity Skin 480.332.8619.