Jessners Peel

Jessners Resurfacing Chemical Peel Chandler AZ | Jessners Skin Peel Chandler AZ

A Jessners Chemical Peel solution typically varies from brand to brand, and all contain the same ingredients. Salicylic acid to dissolve oil and aid in exfoliation, Lactic to encourage cell turnover and hydrate and Resorcinol to help your dead skin cells peel off, while stimulating collagen production.  

At Serendipity Skin, we offer a range of Jessners solutions, all having the same base, and all offering added antioxidants and benefits for different skin types. After addressing your skin concerns and completing a thorough skin consultation, the appropriate Jessners solution will be chosen for you.

Jessners Peel is a medium depth chemical peel fantastic for treating aged skin, pore refinement, fine lines, some scarring and hyperpigmentation. This specific peel is controlled by the amount of peel applied to your skin and the amount of time left on. This is a very safe and effective chemical peel solution, for all skin types. 

Benefits of a Peel

  • Improves skin texture.
  • Reveals healthy, glowing fresh skin.
  • Removes dead skin cells.
  • Increases moisture retention.
  • Improves skin barrier function.
  • Stimulates elastin & collagen.
  • Reduces fine lines & wrinkles.
  • Reduces surface pigmentation.

A Jessners Chemical Peel is great for aging prevention, skin health maintenance, pigment reduction and other skin concerns. This chemical peel generally results in more moderate skin flaking or peeling for the client. This service may require skin prep and can be determined at time of treatment.