Image Skincare Signature Face-lift Treatment

My favorite treatment right now is The Signature Face-lift from Image Skincare. I experimented with this treatment on my own skin and it glowed! The second time I experiments on myself, I dermaplaned my skin first and then did the Signature Face-lift facial, and… IT WAS AMAZING!!

The Signature Face-lift treatment is a layered facial treatment consisting of results-driven enzymes, hydroxy-acids and Vitamin C. The technology in these products is designed to support rosacea, detox skin, brighten dull skin and hydrate.

Your skin might feel a little tingly from the active ingredients, but it is only because the products are really getting to work. Post treatment, you should not experience any redness, peeling or flaking. Only plump glowing skin. Your skin is sure to feel polished in just one treatment

I have been introducing this treatment to almost every client, who is a candidate for it, and I have been getting rave reviews. Check out the video from Image to see this treatment in action.


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