How Am I Supposed to Know Which Chemical Peel I Need on My Face?

Chemical peels come in a variety of ranges. There are light and superficial peels, which typically lead to mild to zero skin flaking, and there are medical, very deep peels which will have your skin peeling off in sheets. And then, there is everything in between.

The depth of the peel refers to how deep into your skin it will be traveling. The deeper some chemical travels into your skin, typically, the more actual peeling you will be doing. And vice versa, the more superficial the chemical travels into your skin, the less you will actually experience skin peeling.

Not every peel is THE peel for every person. Your chemical peel should be specific to your skin concerns, and so much more. How much down time do you have? Is your skin prepared for a peel? Have you prepped your skin properly? These are questions and discussions that you should definitely be having with a licensed skin care therapist who has experience in chemical peels and skin.

Stephanie Betts has over 16 years in the skin care industry as a licensed aesthetician, practicing medical aesthetics. For a complimentary consultation to learn which peel would be best for you and your skins needs call or text 480.33.8619

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