Is It Safe to Peel Dark Skin Tones?

It is definitely safe to peel dark skin tones. However, dark skin has to be treated with a few more precautions when undergoing a chemical peel treatment.

Because dark skin has more melanin in it (color cells) you want to be sure to suppress those color cells in preparation for you peel so that they do not get triggered when you do your peel, causing your skin to become darker (hyperpigmentation)

A great pretreatment for suppressing melanin is Hydroquinone. Your skin care therapist can discuss with you how and when to use Hydroquinone in preparation for your peel.

Secondly, there are specific chemical peel brands and types that are specific and safe for darker skin tones. They are safer because they specifically do not trigger the melanin in the skin. These peels can sometimes be performed without pretreatment of the skin.

Stephanie Betts has over 16 years in the skin care industry as a licensed aesthetician, practicing medical aesthetics. She also has extensive training and experience with all skin tones and types. For a complimentary consultation to learn which peel would be best for you and your skins needs call or text 480.33.8619

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