How Do I Choose an SPF?

When it comes to choosing SPF, there are 3 things I tell my clients to look for.

  1. At least an SPF 30. It does not necessarily mean the higher the number, the more protection. SPF should be reapplied regularly when you are in the sun, regardless of the number. Anything higher than an SPF is for the most part doing what a 30 does.
  2. UVA and UVB protection. An effective SPF will say “broad spectrum” or “UVA/UVB” on the label. The sun produces many many types of rays and you want to protect against the harm of them. UVA ages your skin, and UVB burns your skin. Block against both!
  3. Active ingredients being Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide. These active ingredients literally sit on the surface of the skin, causing the rays to bounce right off them. Consider these two ingredients shields that sit on your skin and don’t let the harmful rays through.

Anything other than these 3 key points when selecting your SPF are really just things like… does it smell good? Is it waterproof? Is it hydrating?

Some of my personal favorites are made by Image Skincare. They all cover the 3 key points I look for, they actually work, I never burn, and best of all they are hydrating and don’t clog my pores. You can pick an Image SPF up at Serendipity Skin or call 480-332-8619 for more info.

Stephanie Betts has been a licensed aesthetician, practicing medical aesthetics since 2001. She also has extensive training and experience with all skin tones and types. For a complimentary consultation to learn which treatment plan would be best for you and your skins needs call or text Stephanie at Serendipity Skin 480.33.8619.

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