A Few Common Skincare Myths

A Few Common Skincare Myths

January Newsletter

This month I am talking about skincare products. 

I think of skincare products as food for our skin. Our skin is an organ and a system. Just like any of our other organs, the better we take care of it, the longer it will last us. I don't know about you, but I'm in the game to have ALL of my organs work well for as long as I need them!

In regards to what you are using (or not using) for your skincare, I thought I would debunk a few common myths, and give you some help on what to use and have work for you.

A Few Common Skincare Myths:

You will notice a difference immediately if you switch products. #FALSE

It takes your body a full skin cell life cycle (21-28 days) to start using a new product. This means, commit to a solid two months of using a new product before you decide that it isn't working.

Good skincare has to be expensive. #FALSE

You do not have to pay a lot for effective, high-quality skincare products. If you are buying high priced skincare products, most likely, you are paying for packaging and a high-priced brand name.

Bar soap is just fine. #FALSE

First of all, if you using bar soap on your face, kudos for actually washing your face. Mini science lesson for you, the slimy bottom that your bar soap develops over time, is bacteria. Not only does slimy bar soap breed bacteria, it is also highly drying to the skin of your face. Leave the bar soap for your body cracks and crevasses. 

Taking care of your skin is too complicated. #FALSE

No! No! No! You can take care of your skin by using 1 or 2 effective products. Effective is the keyword there, and that is not complicated. Start with a quality cleanser and an SPF that works. 

I understand that not know is 80% of the battle with anything, I am here to be a resource for you if skincare or skin health is of any concern to you. If you aren’t sure about the products you are using or you think it might be time to switch something up, let me know. I am happy to take a look with you, and really just educate you so you can do what works for you, on your time.


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