Serendipity Skin | COVID-19 Update

Good morning,

As a small business owner, I feel a bit of responsibility to interact with you, my clients during this very unknown time.

Until further notice, I am choosing to stay open for business. I want you all to know that while we are taking extra precautions during this time, we are also taking the covid19 epidemic very seriously.

Here are the measure we are taking at Serendipity Skin during this time:

- Extensive and up to date real time and factual information to keep ourselves and clients safe. At this time, we do not see a need to close business, I am personally staying up to date with CDC and WHO websites to manage and help navigate these choices pertaining to my business and public health.

- In addition to regular and usual health and safety practices, all equipment, beds, surfaces, seating, and anything else clients come in contact with will be disinfected and sanitized between every appointment with our usual hospital grade disinfectant.

- Less is more during this time. Office supplies, products and anything unnecessary will be stored and out of sight until further notice. This will help to limit surface area for germs to be on.

- Clients will be screened for any respiratory and/or flu like symptoms prior to all appointments during this time.

- To protect our clients further, if we are having any symptoms at all of sickness during this time, we will stay home, and you may be asked to postpone your treatment. 

- As always, if you are not feeling well, we ask that you please let us know as soon as possible and reschedule your appointment. Our cancellation policy is very flexible during this time.

- Any change in these temporary policies will be communicated as they happen. If we decide to close for business, you will be contacted immediately regarding your services.

I want you all to know that, we are going through this very scary time right now alongside you. Who knows what the “right” thing to do is about any of this. Considering so many known factors and even more unknown factors, we have reached this choice in an attempt to have life run as uncompromised as possible, and not add to any “panic”.

Please take care of yourself daily, and relax as much as possible. Take the necessary precautions that are best for you, control what you can, stay informed and remember to treat others the way you might want to be treated. We will get through this.

Coronavirus FAQs given by the CDC

-Stephanie Betts and the Serendipity Skin team

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