March 2020 Newsletter

March Newsletter

Happy March everyone! In this newsletter, I am talking about cosmetic laser treatments. To my aestheticians and aesthetic practitioners who are reading, don’t forget to check out My 2 cents worth at the bottom of this email for some new info.

Cosmetic laser treatments have been around since the 90s, and as someone who has practiced cosmetic laser treatments for almost 20 years, I think I have seen it all!

The good, the bad, and the very very ugly. Check out Stephanie’s Share to see a list of laser treatments you can book with me now!

FAQs about laser hair removal:

Does it work? 100% yes. Laser hair removal works if it does at the right frequency, for the right client, if the equipment is effective and safe and you as the client have the right expectations set.

Will you be 100% hair free after? No. The ideal expectations are for the client to be 70%-90% hair free of all of the dark colored hairs in the treated area.

How many treatments will you need? Expect anywhere from 5-7 treatments at the right frequency to achieve 70-90% hair reduction in the area.

How often should you get treated? This depends on the area that is being treated. As a general rule:

  • From the neck up you treatments should be spaced out 4-6 weeks
  • From the neck to the belly button your treatments should be spaced out 6-8 weeks 
  • From the belly button to your toes, your treatments should be spaced 8-10 weeks 

Does laser work on all skin colors? Yes. There are specific lasers for specific skin tones. All skin tones can not be treated the same. You want to always be sure that the laser that you are being treated with is specific and safe for your skin tone and color.

Does laser hair removal only work on dark hair? Yes! The darker the hair, the better your results will be. Heat is naturally attracted to pigment. If the root of your hair has no pigment, the heat from the laser will not be attracted to it. Sorry blondies!

Does it hurt? The simple answer is no. You will feel a little warmth, and some pinching sensations. Your skin will be kept cool during your treatment with some sort of cooling device for your comfort. It is a very tolerable treatment, and in my own opinion, much less painful than be waxed.

How long does a treatment take? Laser hair removal treatments are quick. Examples:

  • Chin 10-15 minutes
  • Beard area 20-30 minutes
  • Bikini area 15-20 minutes
  • Lower legs 45-50 minutes
  • Underarms 10- 15 minutes

How much does it cost? I personally don’t think you should be paying pennies for someone to put a laser on your skin, I also don’t think these treatments are something you should have to finance. Some examples on pricing might be:

  • Chin treatment around $40
  • Beard area around $75-$100
  • Bikini area around $75-$100
  • Legs around $90-$125
  • Underarms around $40 

(These are all my own personal estimates on what I believe is reasonable & customary)

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