To Mask or Not To Mask? That is the Question

To Mask or Not To Mask? That is the Question

What a year this turned out to be! Most important I  hope my email finds you and your family safe and surviving as best as possible. When this turn of events quits turning, we all need to go out for one big happy hour to celebrate getting through. To my aesthetician friends, make sure to check out My 2 Cents Worth at the bottom of my emails for upcoming news, events, and training's.

The question of the year seems to be, "To mask or not to mask". Whether you love them or hate them, face masks are here to stay for a while. Wearing a face mask continually may become irritating to your skin. Is this happening to you? Here are a few things that you may be experiencing, and even better, here a few things that might help to give you some relief. 

Is your face mask affecting your skin?

Are you having skin irritation?: The constant friction and/or rubbing of your face mask may be casing raw or sore areas on your skin. This irritation may also look like small rash-like bumps, flaky skin, or excess dryness.

To treat: Let your skin breathe as much and as often as possible. Take your mask off as frequently as you are able (while still following guidelines and being safe). This will allow your skin to be in a natural state and breathe. Mixing a small amount of Aquaphor/ Neosporin/ Polysporin or any other skin healing ointment with your moisturizer can help to heal this tissue quicker. Apply the combination at night before you sleep. Our skin repairs itself while we sleep, so feed it those ingredients during the night. Also, stay away from active products that may be causing more irritation during this time. If your skin is irritated, it is not the time to promote cell turnover. It is time to promote healing only!

Are you experiencing new acne?: Moisture and perspiration in a small closed-off space can be a breeding ground for acne, especially if you are an acne-prone person.

To treat: Again, let your skin breathe as much as possible. You may need to be keeping the area around your mouth extra clean. If you regularly wash your face only once or twice per day, you might consider some sort of cleansing wipe to use on the area under your mask once or twice throughout the day. This can help to keep bacteria from growing in this area. Continue to wash your face morning and night, this cleansing wipe idea is in addition to your regular routine. You can also spot treat any areas of acne to help dry up any excess oil and kill bacteria. 

Are you becoming abnormally dry or oily from wearing your mask?: Keeping your skin covered for a long period of time can disrupt the natural production of oil and hydration retention of your skin. You may be noticing extra dryness or oiliness during these times.

To treat: You may need to switch up your skincare products or routine. One size does not fit all, and one size does not fit forever. If you are experiencing skin changes during this time due to continuous mask-wearing, it might be time to add or remove a product. This might be temporary, but it can help! Maybe you need a richer moisturizer at night, a different routine for exfoliation, or to use an oil drying product a few times per week. If you are not even sure what to do, shoot me an email, I can definitely give you a direction to go in.

If you are experiencing a condition on your skin that I have not covered, please reach out and let me know, I am happy to give you ideas on what might help to get you feeling better!


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