Are You A Skin Care Jumper?

Here is the story:

You buy a the newest, latest, greatest face wash…. so excited, it is going to make your skin squeaky clean!!!…… after a week of using it, your skin develops a pimple. HOLD THE PHONE!

So, you go out, and you buy the next newest, latest and greatest face wash, This time it is going to really clear up your skin, after 8 days of using it, WHAT THE HECK another pimple!!!

Now you are getting frustrated, so you get as many recommendations as possible, and you go purchase THE BEST TOP NOTCH acne system. Your skin is going to spotless! You are SO excited! After 10 whole days of being on this new system you cant even smile without drawing blood in the corners of your lips because for some strange reason your face has turned into the driest part of the Sahara desert possible.

Naturally to fix the problem……. you rush out and buy  the newest, latest, greatest face wash!……… GET THE PICTURE!!

Trying new skin care products is Fantastic, and Here is the catch, you must give it time!!!!

It can take your skin in its existing state 4 to 6 weeks to acclimate to a new product. 4-6 weeks is a full cycle of skin cells from being created to the final stage of being a dead skin cell. This entire process has to happen while on the new product, before your skin decides if the newly introduced product will truly work for you.

 When products are switched to frequently and to often, all you are doing is confusing your skin. Expect some inconsistent reactions from your skin during the 4-6 week period, your skin is adjusting. Let your skin adjust, and then decide!


CONSISTENCY with the product will be key. Follow the directions given by the product as it is intended to be used for a full skin cycle, and then make your choice based on your skins true response .

If you are still unsure after giving a product a trial period of 4-6 weeks, consult with you skin care provider.

Stephanie Betts
Licensed Skin Expert @
Serendipity Skin

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