Professional Classes

Continuing Aesthetics Education at Serendipity Skin provides certification courses for professionals in the Aesthetic field. Currently, each class offered is led by Stephanie Betts Licensed Aesthetic Instructor.

Stephanie has trained and led classes for physicians, medical professionals, aestheticians and other professionals in the industry for over 8 years. When taking any course at Serendipity Skin register knowing that you will get exaclty what you need to further yourself in your own career.

Stephanie Betts

  • Licensed Aesthetics Instructor through the Arizona State Boards of Cosmetology.
  • Certified Laser Instructor with Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency.
  • Has taught at some of the top Aesthetic and Laser Accredited schools in Arizona. I have trained hundreds of Aestheticians, nurses, physicians and other professionals in the Aesthetic field. 
  • Sat on a board of physicians, nurses and aestheticians to help create one of the top skin care lines in the country (Skin Script)
  • Written and has published articles for skin care magazines.
  • Has thousands of hours of hands on experience with Aesthetics and Laser treatments.

    Stephanie has a very positive, gentle teaching approach. The learning environment is warm and inviting, never intimidating, and gives the student the space to learn at each individual speed.

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Precision, consistency and reliability have helped to establish Swann-Morton surgical blades and handles as the the preferred brand of surgeons and health care professionals in all corners of the World. They are available for purchase through Serendipity Skin. Purchased blades are conveniently available for pick up at Serendipity Skin. Shipping is also available. You can also call or text to order at 480-332-8619 and someone will contact you back promptly. Dermaplaning Starter Kit $49.95 1 -Stainless steel Swann Morton dermaplaning handle1 -Blue box blade removal tool6 -Swann Morton #14 carbon steel dermaplaning blades6 -Swann Morton #10 stainless steel dermaplaning blades6 -Swann Morton #10r stainless steel dermaplaning blades Stainless Steel Swann Morton Dermaplaning Handle $18 For use in Aesthetic procedures such as Dermaplaning, which helps to refinish the skin's top layers through a method of controlled surgical scraping which exfoliates the epidermis. Blue Box Blade Removal Tool Starter Combo Pack of Blades $25.00 6 -Swann Morton #14 carbon steel dermaplaning blades6 -Swann Morton #10 stainless steel dermaplaning blades6 -Swann Morton #10r stainless steel dermaplaning blades Swann Morton #14 Carbon Steel Dermaplaning Blades Quantity Pack of 10 $12.00 USD Pack of 25 $24.00 USD Pack of 50 $42.00 USD Pack of 100…
This course is for any aesthetician, cosmetologist, or professional or student in the aesthetic/ cosmetic industry looking to add services, build knowledge or learn a new skill. Dermaplaning is a very popular exfoliation treatment and growing in demand in the industry. During this service a small hand help tool is used to easily shave off dead skin cells, while removing any vellous hair (peach fuzz) from the clients face. In this training class, you will learn Who is your ideal client for dermaplaning. What is dermaplaning and how is it done safely and effectively. Why should you offer dermaplaning, and why will your clients want this service. Where are the places on the face that should be dermaplaned. When is dermaplaning the appropriate treatment to choose and offer. Class sizes are limited, giving each student individualized attention and the environment to learn at each individuals pace. This certification course includes: Hands-on Training. Watch a demonstration, receive a treatment and give a treatment. Dermaplaning Training Reference Manual Certification of Completion Dermaplaning Tools (handle and blades) to start treating your clients immediately. Individual classes available upon request. Student rates available upon request. Click Here to Join Our FaceBook Group for Continuing Aesthetics…

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