Skin Brightening Facial

Skin Brightening Facial

Living in the desert, we see more uneven skin tones than in other parts of the country. Why? Because of the sun! The sun wreaks havoc on our skin. The sun’s rays do more damage and aging to the skin than anything else. The number one sign of sun damage is brown spots (a.k.a. hyperpigmentation).

Maybe it wasn’t the sun that caused the brown spots on your face. Maybe when you were pregnant, or you went through a hormonal shift in your life, you started to develop brown patches on your upper lip or cheeks… we get it, it is very frustrating! 

Maybe even further, the pigment on your skin isn’t from the sun or pregnancy or hormonal shifts, but from a time you had a horrible breakout and tiny purple and brown spots were left behind.

Whatever caused the uneven pigmentation to your skin, we can help! It is very important to work with your Aesthetician to determine the source of your hyperpigmentation, as each form should be treated differently.

Having dealt with her own pigment issues for many years, Stephanie Betts is an expert at helping diagnose, prevent and control your pigment concerns.

Skin Brightening facials are perfect to address dull skin, and/or pigment issues and will help with skin brightening and lightening. 

Each facial is custom to your specific skin needs and will tackle your specific skin concerns. This treatment can be upgraded to a Signature Service at the time of treatment if recommended.

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