Skin Hydrating Facial

Skin Hydrating Facial

It is no secret that as we get older every system in our body starts to slow down. This includes our skin which is a very large, intricate system. As we age, our skin starts to produce less oil and begins to retain less moisture. This can leave us feeling very dry. 

Aging and lack of oil production is not the only cause of feeling dry skin. Skin can also become dehydrated just like our bodies can become dehydrated with the lack of proper hydration. 

Whatever the case, dry skin can be very annoying, irritating and sometimes even painful. If you are having a difficult time finding the ideal amount of moisture in your skin that works for you, we can help. By answering a few simple questions during your consult and skin analysis, your Aesthetician can prescribe the perfect treatment. This treatment plan will have you on the way to feeling hydrated and happy in no time!

If you are experiencing dry skin, and/or not being able to get hydrated enough, book a Skin Hydrating facial today. This treatment will address hydration issues in your skin. 

Each facial is custom to your specific skin needs and will address your specific concerns. This treatment can be upgraded to a Signature Service at the time of treatment if recommended.

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