Serendipity Skin Cosmetic Laser Services

Stephanie has 14+ years as a certified laser clinician and a certified laser instructor with the Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency.  She has a very high client satisfaction rate, and her reputation and experience treating every skin type safely with lasers is outstanding. Laser services are offered on an appointment only basis and performed at Laguna Laser in Gilbert. For information on pricing and scheduling please contact Stephanie directly.

Laser Skin Tightening is achieved using a 1064 YAG to penetrate your deeper layers of collagen to very gently stimulate and promote collagen reproduction. This treatment is ideal for pore refinement, reduction of fine lines and wrinkle, and skin tightening. Schedule Laser Skin Tightening
Laser Vein Removal is ideal for small clusters of unsightly purple, pink and blue spider veins. A small series of treatments may be required and will be determined upon your consultation. Our deeply rooted arteries and large vessels are like pipes that can only hold so much water (or blood in the case of a vein), when the pipe bursts, very small branches or vessels are created to continue the transfer of water (or blood). The small branches are those tiny purple, red or pink veins that pop up over time on the surface of your skin. These vessels are ideal for laser vein removal at Serendipity Skin. If your veins are not treatable, you will be referred to a physician for treatment. Schedule Laser Vein Removal
Laser Tattoo Removal works by breaking up the ink under your skin with a high-intensity light beam. Black ink has more pigment to be broken up and therefore is typically removed easier. Other colors can be treated as well, and may require more treatments to see optimal lightening. Because each tattoo is unique, your series and results will vary with each individual case. Schedule Laser Tattoo Removal
Laser hair reduction is a very effective treatment when it is performed properly by an experienced laser clinician. The treatment works over a series of treatments, and when spaced at the correct intervals, you can expect 70-90% reduction of any dark hairs in the areas being treated. You will work with Stephanie to determine the amount of time to space your treatments and will experience hair free results almost immediately. Candela Gentle Max Alexandrite and YAG lasers are the lasers preferred and used at Laguna Laser for hair reduction. This laser is very effective, safe on ALL skin types and provides a very comfortable treatment for the client. Schedule Laser Hair Reduction

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