Brand Specific Treatments

When it comes to professional grade products and treatments, at Serendipity Skin, we like to use what is effective and versatile. A few of the skin care lines that we love are Skin Script, Image Skincare and Epicurine Discovery. 

Each line caters to a different range of skin concerns so we choose our favorite and most effective product choices from each different line. Alternately, each line offers specific and effective facial treatment protocols. We have chosen our favorite and added them to the menu for you to experience.

Each Brand specific facial can be made into a Serendipity Signature Service, let your aesthetician know at the time of treatment that you would like to add a dermaplaning or microdermabrasion service to your treatment.

EPICUREN Discovery Skin Firming Facial is a skin firming, exfoliating and tightening treatment which uses no acids. It uses only natural botanicals and enzymes to stimulate collagen and give you a glow. This facial is finished off with very potent Vitamin serums to leave your skin incredibly healthy and looking its best. This treatment can be upgraded to a Signature Service at the time of treatment if recommended. For more information visit epicuren.com. Schedule EPICUREN Discovery Skin Firming Facial
An IMAGE SIGNATURE FACELIFT provides Vitamin C and fruit enzymes blended in an organic Aloe Vera base. It will visibly reduce redness and brighten your skin while hyaluronic acid provides superior hydration. IMAGE Signature Facelifts are great for skin that is: Redness-prone Dry or dehydrated Smoker’s skin Tired or Dull Post-Microdermabrasion Oily or suffers from acne For more information visit ImageSkincare.com. Schedule IMAGE Skincare Facelift Facial
This remarkable massage experience combines all the right moves in all the right places! A THAI HERBAL Poultice Facial will relieve stress where it manifests most, on the neck, shoulders, face, and crown. Your journey to recovery starts with a Royal Thai acupressure massage to release tight knots in the muscles. It is followed by the application of a hot steamed herbal compress to relieve stress, detoxify, increase circulation and energize. Your path to recovery is completed with our signature advanced aromatherapy facial massage which helps reduces puffiness, clear sinuses, nourish dehydrated skin and provides an overall facial contour and lift that leaves you looking and feeling refreshed. Benefits Include: Reduces puffiness & dark circles Lifts, contours & sculpts brows, cheeks & jowls Reduces fine lines & wrinkles Smoother complexion Stimulates circulation Improves skin nutrition Relaxes, calms & eases muscle tension (TMJ & headaches) Detoxifies & removes impurity Relieves sinus pressure & congestion Releases toxins trapped between the tissues and muscles Schedule Thai Herbal Poultice Facial

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