Microneedling or Collagen Induction Therapy is a beautiful treatment for patients with textural issues with their skin. This treatment uses microneedles to many tiny wounds, resulting in a cascade of skin healing. The healing brings on new collagen and elastin fibers, resulting in firmer tighter skin texture.

There are different ways this treatment can be performed:

  • The best option is a “Vampire Facial”, or PRP. This treatment must be performed by a nurse or M.D. and consists of having your blood drawn and then used to be pushed back into your skin during the micro-needling treatment.
  • The second best option a treatment performed by a licensed professional under the direction of a Physician. This allows for deeper penetration of the wound and will show even better results.
  • Option three is micro needling as an aesthetic service provided by a licensed professional. This option is great and allows the practitioner to penetrate a certain depth into the skin to give quality results.
  • The most basic and typically not suggested are at home “rollers” This is not suggested due to lack of wound control and infection. 

At Serendipity Skin, we practice micro needling under the direction of Dr. Laree Hooker. This treatment is performed with a very effective topical numbing cream for client comfort.

Microneedling treatment is suggested in a series as your results will develop over a period of treatments.

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