Custom 45 Skin Care Treatment | Serendipity Skin

If you are new to skin care or looking for a simpler approach, our Custom 45 Skin Care Treatment is right for you! This is our most popular, and most custom treatment available. This service addresses your skin concerns at the time of treatment based on the condition of your skin.  After a personalized skin analysis, your skin will be cleansed, exfoliated, hydrated and your specific concerns addressed. Your treatment can include enzyme therapy, dermaplane or microdermabrasion, extractions, mask treatment, or a customized combination of therapies listed. This treatment is best for anyone who wants to leave their skin care in the hands of a professional.

Custom 45 Skin Care Treatment

At Serendipity Skin, we are big believers in and advocates for self-care. We see women especially end up putting their own needs last to get everyone else’s needs met first. There is a saying that you can’t pour from an empty cup. How can we fill anyone’s cup if ours is empty? By empty, I mean run-down, tired, exhausted, lethargic, running-on-empty!

Take the time to care for you! No one… I repeat… NO ONE can fill your cup the way you can.

  • Relaxing
  • Rejuvenating
  • Restorative
  • Hydrating: It is no secret that as we get older every system in our body starts to slow down. This includes our skin which is a very large, intricate system. As we age, our skin starts to produce less oil and begins to retain less moisture. This can leave us feeling very dry. Aging and lack of oil production is not the only cause of feeling dry skin. Skin can also become dehydrated just like our bodies can become dehydrated with the lack of proper hydration. Whatever the case, dry skin can be very annoying, irritating and sometimes even painful. If you are having a difficult time finding the ideal amount of moisture in your skin that works for you, we can have you on the way to feeling hydrated and happy in no time!
  • Brightening: Living in the desert, we see more uneven skin tones than in other parts of the country. Why? Because of the sun! The sun wreaks havoc on our skin. The sun’s rays do more damage and aging to the skin than anything else. The number one sign of sun damage is brown spots (a.k.a. hyperpigmentation). Maybe it wasn’t the sun that caused the brown spots on your face. Maybe when you were pregnant, or you went through a hormonal shift in your life, you started to develop brown patches on your upper lip or cheeks… we get it, it is very frustrating! Maybe even further, the pigment on your skin isn’t from the sun or pregnancy or hormonal shifts, but from a time when you had a horrible breakout and tiny purple, and brown spots were left behind. Whatever caused the uneven pigmentation to your skin, we can help! It is very important to work with your Aesthetician to determine the source of your hyperpigmentation, as each form should be treated differently. Having dealt with her own pigment issues for many years, Stephanie Betts is an expert at helping diagnose, prevent, and control your pigment concerns.
  • Anti-Aging: Aging is inevitable, and the way our skin ages is dependent on many different things. Not only does our natural genetic makeup play a part in how we age, but so do external factors such as lifestyle and environment. There is some truth when people say, “you will look like your mother in 30 years”. However, if your mother only cleaned her skin with olive oil and Ponds cold cream her entire life, and you, on the other hand, have a 12-step skin care regimen, chances are you will age much slower and your skin will be healthier than your mothers! Whether you are a person who wants to do a little anti-aging and let nature take its course or a person who wants to spend every penny on slowing down the hands of time, there is a perfect amount of anti-aging for every person. At Serendipity Skin we take the time to listen to your concerns, your expectations, and your commitment to skin care. Whether you are brand new to anti-aging or an experienced pro looking for a new aesthetician, we want your experience and service to be just what you are expecting. 
  • When it comes to professional grade products and treatments, at Serendipity Skin, we like to use what is effective and versatile. A few of the skin care lines that we love:
  • Skin Script RX Skin Care is natural, yet clinical skin care designed for anti-aging, hyperpigmentation, melasma, sun damage, teen and adult acne, rosacea. Antioxidants, exfoliants, and natural brighteners are the base of this skin care line to achieve remarkable results. Skin Script’s professional products successfully treat melasma and hyperpigmentation on every skin tone (specializing in darker skin tones) in addition to offering an 8-week series protocol to treat these difficult skin conditions. Stephanie was part of the team that helped create this line! Click here for more information.
  • The Perfect Derma Peel products offered by Serendipity Skin are the medical grade line. These products are prescription strength and very effective. “Ranked as one of the Top 3 New Anti-Aging Products by ABC News, The Perfect Derma™ Peel delivers on that promise. The Perfect Derma™ Peel provides healthy, ageless skin for all skin types and ethnicities. While exact peel formulas are proprietary, The Perfect Derma™ Peel debuts a new era in skin health. It’s the only medical grade chemical peel that features Glutathione. Glutathione is the ultimate antioxidant with powerful skin lightening and anti-aging benefits. Bella Medical Products advocates the practice of less-invasive cosmetic treatments by providing cutting edge products to Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Cosmetic Physicians, and other medical professionals. The Perfect Derma™ Peel and The Perfect Skin Care System product line allow us to offer an exciting new future for skin transformation.” Click here for more information.
  • CosMedix Skin Care products are the answer to a healthy complexion without irritation. Our advanced cosmeceutical line works to enhance the physiology of the skin using only the most purified, chirally correct and effective ingredients that are safe and beneficial for the skin. Known as the chirally correct pioneer, CosMedix is the choice of dermatologists, physicians, and aestheticians worldwide for enhanced treatment results. Click here for more information.