Microderm Facial with Massage | Serendipity Skin

A 60-minute indulgence. Custom enzyme therapy, microdermabrasion treatment, facial massage and a treatment mask addressing your skin concerns. This treatment is for someone who is looking for more of a “spa” type experience. Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic exfoliation technique that has been around for ages. This professional, in-office treatment uses a small, vacuum-type wand with slightly abrasive texture to exfoliate and lift dead skin cells from your face. Microderm Facial with MassageMuch like vacuuming your carpet, this treatment removes particles of dirt and debris from your pores and the surface of your skin. 


Q. Is there any downtime? 
A. No. There is very little pinkness to the skin after a microdermabrasion treatment. 

Q. Does microdermabrasion hurt? 
A. Not at all. The amount of suction and abrasion is easily controlled during your service. In fact, this treatment should be relaxing and comfortable for the client. 

Q. Is microdermabrasion safe? 
A. Yes. The technology of Microdermabrasion equipment has become very gentle and effective over time. It is very safe, especially when done in a professional setting by a licensed professional.