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Acne treatments are never “one size fits all”. At Serendipity Skin, our approach to treating acne is to look at the entire picture to uncover and assist you in getting to the source of your breakouts.

Teen FacialSome common causes of acne can be: Hormonal imbalance, intestinal issues, poor skin hygiene, lifestyle, and sometimes, none of the above. Acne can also appear very different from one case to the next. While one person may suffer from oily skin and acne, another client may be concerned with dry skin and breakouts. All too often, clients will try to cure their acne at home and not have any luck. This is only due to a lack of education on acne and its treatments.

Together with your therapist, we will determine the health of your skin and come up with a skin care plan and routine to get your acne under control. Our acne treatment is customized and determined by the severity and root cause of your acne. During your consultation and skin analysis, your aesthetician will determine if enzyme therapy, microdermabrasion, chemical peels or simply offering different at home treatments are the best to control and manage your acne. Extractions are included in this service.