A 60-minute indulgence!  Custom enzyme therapy, dermaplane treatment, facial massage and a treatment mask addressing your skin concerns. This treatment is for someone who is looking for more of a “spa” type experience. Dermaplaning is a cosmetic exfoliation treatment that has been around since the 1980s and has exploded in popularity over the last 5+ years. During a dermaplane treatment, your aesthetician will use a small, hand-held tool to gently shave off the top layer of dead skin cells. A nice side effect of this treatment is that all your vellus hair (peach fuzz) will be removed as well. The result is an extremely smooth face that glows for days! You will notice a big difference in the ease of applying your makeup and see an improvement in how well your at home products work.


Q. Is Dermaplaning safe? 
A. Yes. Stephanie Betts has been dermaplaning since 2003 and she has perfected this service to be an extremely safe and comfortable treatment for her clients. 

Q. Is there any downtime after the treatment? 
A. No. The only issue that may occur is that if you are someone whose skin is naturally very reactive, then you may be slightly pink following your dermaplaning treatment. 

Q. Will my hair grow back differently or heavier?
A. No. Your facial hair (vellus hair/ peach fuzz) will grow back the exact way it grew prior to having your dermaplaning treatment performed.

Dermaplane Facial with Massage | Serendipity Skin